Our Pride

Our customers receive on average more than 90% hatch rates and we pride ourselves on the fact that we stand for quality, reliability and good value for money. .

Our Mission
Our mission is to give our customers the best possible chances of success with their breeding endeavors by providing them with the best egg incubators available on the market.

Our Hatchery cleaning Kit
We have full range of highly specialized hatchery cleaning chemicals ensuring hygiene and biosecurity in your hatchery! Maintaining good hygiene in your incubator and hatchery is of the utmost importance.

Your Concern Is Ours
We truly understand your needs and concerns and we are happy to help you with pre and after sales advice.

Top Picks

Chicken Eggs: 88
Quail Eggs: 221

Chicken Eggs: 440
Quail Eggs: 1,088

Chicken Eggs: 660
Quail Eggs: 1,632

Chicken Eggs: 1,100
Quail Eggs: 2,720

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What Customers Say

"I received a 98% hatch rate this year with it in my research facility with Guinea Fowl. I'm certainly recommending this incubator to anyone who enquires about incubators.". Peter Moono -IFSA
"You guys have changed my life completely. I now have a constant income from incubating and selling chickens. Before I started my poultry business with Eggtech I was jobless and had no income. I can honestly say that Eggtech has enabled me to become independent and a successful businessman. I recommend anyone to buy from them if they want to start a poultry business. They are
“We have found your incubator to be highly accurate and reliable. We want to thank the entire team at Eggtech Incubators for the advice and great products that was provided to us. We would not have been able to achieve such good results without your incubators. We look forward to doing lots more business with you." Clive Kakusa -FMCS