Each shelf is 60cm x 123cm approx 50 chicks per shelf.

  1. Comment *iam a Farmer based in choma, I want an egg incubators which can carry 90 to 100 eggs.how much would such a one cost

      AUTOMATIC turning incubators.

      88 chicken eggs or 221 quail at k3,500

      220 Chicken eggs or 544 quail eggs at K6, 000

      440 chicken eggs or 1,088 quail eggs at k7,500

      660 eggs or 1632 quail eggs at k9, 000

      1,100 eggs or 2,720 quail eggs at k12, 000

      1,540 eggs or 3,808 quail eggs at k18, 000 with separate hatcher

      3, 080 eggs or 7, 616 quail eggs at k30, 000 with separate hatcher

      3,960 eggs or 9,792 quail eggs at k38,000 with separate Hatcher

      K1500 less for manual turning for all sizes

      Free delivery to all provinces in zambia.

      6 months free spare

      10 years free labour on repairs

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